“Yummy Good Beef Stew”

Today’s recipe is one of mine and my families all time favorites! I love cooking and baking just about all the time but, there’s something to be said about those all time favorite comfort foods during the cooler months. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite time of the year and this Beef Stew is one that brings all those great memories back each time I fix it! I hope you enjoy this Beef Stew recipe just as much as me and my family do. It’s so easy and so Darn Yummy Good, I know it will find its way into your Favorite recipe collections! Enjoy!

Yummy Good Beef Stew”


Recipe courtesy of Dannabunnygirl….


Large Beef Chuck Roast

3 Tbsp Extra Olive Oil

4 Tbsp Real butter

2 cups of All purpose Flour

1 large glass of water

Large bag of Lg Baby Carrots

4 or 5 Large Russet Potatoes

Large box or Large can of Beef Stock

Salt & Pepper

French or Baquette Bread

Start off by trimming the excess fat from your Beef Chuck Roast, after the fats been trimmed, cut Beef Roast into 1 inch Cube Chunks and place in a large bowl, then set aside.

Now, wash Baby Carrots & Potatoes, then peel & cut potatoes into medium cube chunks, put carrots and potatoes into a large bowl filled half way with water, then set these aside.

Now, add 2 cups of all-purpose flour that’s been seasoned well with Salt & Pepper to your Cubed chunked beef. Mix it well covering the meat with the seasoned flour.

In a large pot, on medium heat, add 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 2 tablespoons of Real butter, after melted,

add your Cubed Beef Chuck Roast and sear until somewhat brown on medium high heat.

Now, add Large box of Beef Stock and a Large Glass of water to the beef. Bring to a boil for 1 minute, then reduce to a low simmer heat, cover and cook for an hour or until Beef is somewhat tender and you are able to cut with a butter knife. Now you are going to add your Potatoes and Carrots to the meat in the pot cooking it on a simmer heat for another 40 minutes or until the Potatoes and Carrots are somewhat soft.

After, you have added the Potatoes and Carrots, you can add 2 Tablespoons of Real butter along with more Salt & Pepper to your desired taste. Serve with warm Baquette or French Bread and Enjoy!

I’ve enjoyed sharing this recipe with you today!

My kitchen to yours!

Dannabunnygirl’s favorite foods!


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